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Application Questions 
Question: I want to remove water from my compressed air system, how do I do this?
Answer:  There are several products that will remove moisture from a compressed air system. Listed below are a couple of more common options that are used.
    1. Inline desiccant Dryers will remove the moisture from your air lines. When these are used it is recommended to use a coalescer filter prior to these to prevent any oil from ruining the desiccant material. These dryers will give your system a -40F dewpoint and drop slowly depending on your air quality. We carry disposable in-line and for larger scfm capacities the dessicant can be regenerated extenally in a oven by being heated. (see manual for instructions)
    2. Refrigerated Air Dryers will remove any moisture from you compressed air system and produce a +35F dewpoint. These use refrigeration to cool the air. When these are used the inlet temperature should considered if you can use a standard or a high temperature dryer would need to be used. When this product is choosen it is recommended to use a particulate filter in front of the refrigerated air dryer to product the dryer.
    3. Regenerative Air Dryers will remove any moisture and product a -40F dewpoint. These products use desiccant material to adsorb the moisture. Every couple of minutes depending on model selected, will purge a small percentage of your compressed air to the atmosphere, allowing the moisture created to be purged out of your system. These have very little maintenance, and are very reliable. When these dryers are used it is strongly recommended to have a coalescing filter before the dryer to prevent oil enter and ruining the desiccant in the dryer, and a particulate filter after the dryer to prevent any dust created from the desiccant entering your equipment downstream of the dryer.
Shipping Questions
Question: How does free shipping work?
Answer: Orders that are over $500 dollars are shipped via ups ground for small items. Dryers are shipped regular freight. If orders need to be shipped faster contact us with your PO # via email.
Question: I have not received my part yet?
Answer: Most products are stocked by manufacture, or compressed air store. Since we offer multiple configurations for each product, products might not ship 3-5days of order
Ordering Questions
Question: I don't have a credit card, and want to do a company purchase order.
Answer: Most first orders will have to be done with a credit card. If a purchase order is desired fax or email the part number, quantity, and credit reference to us to process a purchase order. Purchase orders will delay order 1-3days on first order.
Question: How do I order a product?
Answer: We will process orders by fax or online. If faxing in a order download and fill out our form. If ordering on line chose the options that you want that apply to the product, and click the add to cart button. When your done shopping go to the checkout and you will be prompted to enter in your shipping and billing information.