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MW600 Waveguide Dryer

Part Number 3283-2
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MW600 Waveguide Dryer
MW600 Waveguide Dryer
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This dryer was designed for the telecommunications industry to use as an indoor system for pressurizing small central offices, waveguide atenna lines, coaxial cables and cellular radio systems requiring small volumes of controlled low pressure dry air. The dryer can also be used as a portable air dryer to provide a source of dry air in the field for testing splice cases and other dry air applications. Superior performance and long life is attained by incorporating these design features:
Standard Features:
  • Reliable oilless compressor to assure oil free air at all times. Equpped with rocking piston technology for long maintenance intervals and easy service.
  • Solid state control board provides reliable solid state circuits to control all functions of the dryer. Eliminates the need for mechanical relays and timers and pressure switches.
  • Proven heatless dryer uses twin tower technology for more reliable drying and superior performance over single tower designs. The dryer utilizes it's own solid state timer for precise tower switching.
  • Equipped with rocking piston compressor technology to reduce service time and extended service life between maintenance intervals. Lower operating temperatures and quieter operation than reciprocating piston compressors.
  • Optional air compressor hour meter shows the amount of compressor run time for determining maintenance scheduling.
  • Equipped with and air storage tank to allow start-stop operation.
  • Heatless self-regenerating desiccant twin tower drying sytem.
  • Servicing convenience is provided by having all components accessible from the front or rear of the dryer.
  • Solid state control board offers high and low pressure alarms, humidity alarm, excess run time alarm and open circuit alarm. It eliminates use of mechancial relays and mechanical pressure switches.
  • Output pressure gauge indicates output pressure delivered to the cable.
  • Air compressor is equipped with thermal overload protection.

Ordering Options:

Part # Description
MW200 Standard Unit includes low Pressure alarm, 0-15 PSIG Regulator & Heatless Dryer Moisture Indicator (Not used when ordered with the 9502 or 9502-LP Humidity Protection Package). 115/220 Volt Only.
9502 Humidity Protection Package with High/Low Pressure Alarms, (Range 8.0 to 15.0 High/3.5 to 7.5 Low). Humidity By-Pass Valve. Alarms include High/Low Pressure, Humidity, Open Circuit and Excess Run Time.
9502LP Low Pressure Humidity Protection Package with High/Low Pressure Alarms, (Range 3.2 to 6.5 PSIG High/0.1 to 3.1 Low). Humidity By-Pass Valve. Alarms include High/Low Pressure, Humidity, Open Circuit and Excess Run Time. (Must Include the 9540 Low/Low Pressure Regulator when Ordering the 9502-LP).
Low/Low Pressure Regulator, Range 0.5 Low to 2.7 High


Rack Mounting Shelf Sold Seperatly
9521 Discreet Alarm Board
9533 Low Pressure Relief Valve
9547 Low-Low Pressure Alarm for Basic Unit (Range ...1 to 2.80 Psig)
9501 Standard Humidity Alarm
9545 Hour Meter
9546 Humidity Meter - Wet/Dry Indicator
9598 Fed Standard Paint Specification

Model Number MW600
Normal Output Capacity 600 SCFD (17.1 Meters per Day)
Emergency Output Capacity 800 SCFD (22.8 Meters per Day)
Power Options 115V/1ph/60 Hz (FLA 10A)
220V/1ph/60 Hz (FLA 10A)
230V/1ph/50 Hz (FLA 10A)
Dimensions 21"W x 12"D x 15"H
Weight 72lbs.
Compressor Motor 1/3HP, Oilless Rocking Piston Type
Delivered Air Humidity Under 1% RH at 70F (20C)
Dewpoint -40F (-40C)
Delivered Air Pressure Adjustable 0-15 PSIG. Optional 0-5 PSIG available
Alarms Low and High Outlet Pressure
High Humidity and Open Circuit
Excess Compressor Run Time
Minimum Operating Temperature 33F (0.5C)
Maximum Operating Temperature 120F (49C)
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